Physical Therapy

Your first session will be a one-on-one evaluation for a full assessment of not only your injured site, but other dysfunctions that may have contributed to your body’s trauma. Depending on the severity of your injury, your evaluation may consist of task-specific analyses which can include workplace ergonomics and/or dance movements, in addition to range of motion and strength assessments. Based on the evaluative findings, treatments will emphasize specific hands on therapy techniques to mobilize muscles, nerves, ligaments, fascia, organs, skin, tendons and ligaments. Once the body’s mobility has been restored, neuromuscular re-education and postural education will be used with a stretching and strengthening home program to maintain gains.

Please arrive to your session in comfortable clothing such as shorts and a tank top.

Musculoskeletal Consultation

OMPT conducts head-to-toe screenings to identify potential sources of injury and will design a home exercise program to address these issues and to enhance performance. Practice doesn’t make perfect; PERFECT practice makes perfect. Improve your understanding of your body to maximize your practice sessions. The best time to come in for a treatment is BEFORE you sustain an injury.

Performance Warm-up & On-site Management

Prepare for your performance or competition with an individualized stretching and mobilization program to free any joint and soft tissue adhesions that could prevent you from performing at your best. Warm up with neuromuscular re-education and strengthening exercises to improve balance and core strength. Have access to immediate medical care and reduce the severity and duration of impairments.

Postural Education

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